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We played Markstrat game in our Analysis of Strategic marketing class. It is an online game depicting real world scenario with real world market forces affecting sales, distribution, R&D and advertising. We had six teams making decisions one company (A to E). Our team was managing the company A and we came second in overall stock price index. Team managing company E had some interesting strategies and came first. Markstrat is quite an interesting and challenging game. This game tests both your analytical and team building skills.

Below is the presentation done by our group explaining what we did, ours and competitor’s strengths and weakness and lessons learned.


A funny clip I came across today. I love it!

This picture misses India ( call centers) though.

American View of the world

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Note:- Please don’t take this illustration personal! After all, we all live in one heavenly place named Earth.

How many times have our parents taught us to say thanks. I believe all civilized humans do a good job in not forgetting that but I am little suspicious about how well these values were taught to “Brands” in their childhood. I agree that Brands do not have a Thanksgiving day but my question is do they need one? I feel that many brands oversee the numerous opportunities given by customers to thank them or be thankful. When was the last time you have seen a brand thanking customers ?  Ok, I don’t deny there have been few instances but the fact that they were few itself makes those companies special. And Apple is indeed one of those special companies. I confess that having a mac has not made me write this but I was thrilled with the wonderful ad I came across by Apple on wsj today (04/24/08).

Apple has somehow always managed to make an emotional contact with customers and this gesture of saying thanks in a stunning way is one of its relation building style. Apple had created and ad to thank consumers for its for its one billionth Application download from Appstore. I am sure that not even on person visiting wsj today could have been able to ignore it. The intriguing colors and animation captivates 30 seconds of your mind share to witness Apple thanking the customers and I guess thats what they want.


First Image – Applications flying in from all over the top banner.


Second Image – More Applications


Third Image – Almost over!!!


Fourth Image – One billionth application


Fifth Image – The Magic Word -” THANKS”


Final Image –   The Appstore Success.

We must definitely give credit to Apple for the thoughtfulness in coming up with an ad for thanking customers as well as for communicating it in a animated way that cannot be easily ignored.